Are we dancing with a Madman? “Immortal” painting

“Immortal” is one of the social commentary paintings in the series “Dancing with a Madman” by artist Eriberto Oriol.

They say that every picture has a story; this is definitely true for Eriberto’s work.

For him, mythology has become a way to help make sense of his world. Breasts and penises are common themes in mythology and also in Eriberto’s artwork, but he does not use them as phallic symbols. In this painting, he is using the penises as symbols of power.  In a society where many seek to immortalize themselves through physical monuments, it is perhaps why some skyscrapers broadly resemble and represent the penis, so do rockets, bullets, missiles, and memorialized monuments.



For artists, the journey to find oneself and to be true to their art is often a lonely one. It is a journey that at times is not by choice, however, it is sometimes necessary for an artist.  Eriberto often finds that his characters, although not always obvious, often seem to reflect haunting moments of human life that resonate with the fears and emotions most people experience.  Georgia O’Keeffe once said, “To create one’s own world in any of the arts takes courage.”

It has been said that art is not what you see but what it makes you see.   An artist’s journey can be bewildering; they do not often know its origin or meaning.  However, as in this painting, when artists use their imagination as a source of genius, it deepens the mystery and the magic in art.

Eriberto knows that to become truly immortal, one must face their basic fears, imagine the unimaginable and in that way, they will live forever through believing in their own genius and in the magic of imagination.

Text by Angelica Oriol



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February 2019

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