We invite you to view the world through Eriberto Oriol’s eye, look around and explore
the forbidden.

Welcome to ForbiddenArtLA.com

In the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Streetwise photographer Eriberto Oriol walks the streets capturing powerful photos of changing faces and changing forces that shape his love of the city.

For some, his work is Forbidden since they are from out of the way places or of areas where few dare to travel. His paintings and photos are also forbidden because they are of subjects some would rather forget and ignore (i.e. homelessness, graffiti…).  

His work is seen as Iconic as it is published internationally in Taschen, Japan’s 38 Timez, Drago, and others. 

COMING SOON, his powerful iconic work will be available on tee shirts, digital photo prints, and Limited Edition serigraph prints at EribertoOriol.com.

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Why call it “Forbidden Art?”  Most of this street art has been forbidden to the general public for many reasons, including:

  • Some of the murals are in remote, out of the way places where only a few people would dare to travel.
  • Some of these murals only lasted a few hours and often survived only in photographs because they are whitewash or destroyed.
  • Graffiti is has also been forbidden art form still, in many parts of the established mainstream art world because it does not meet the established “rules” of art.
  • It is also in some cases an art form forbidden by law.
  • Today much of the work you see HERE is street artwork that no longer exists.

Some of these powerful photos have become iconic images of Los Angeles and are published in international’s publications like Taschen, Japan’s 38 Time, Drago, Los Angeles Graffiti and others.  


STORE:  eBay Store  https://www.ebay.com/str/forbiddenartla 


February 2023

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