We invite you to view the world through Eriberto Oriol’s eye, look around and explore
the forbidden.

ForbiddenArtLA virtual gallery focuses on an electrifying cultural movement in the Los Angeles’ Streets by photographer Eriberto Oriol. 

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Why call it “Forbidden Art?”  Most of this street art has been forbidden to the general public for many reasons, including:

  • Some of the murals are in remote, out of the way places where only a few people would dare to travel.
  • Some of these murals only lasted a few hours and often survived only in photographs because they are whitewash or destroyed.
  • Graffiti is has also been forbidden art form still, in many parts of the established mainstream art world because it does not meet the established “rules” of art.
  • It is also in some cases an art form forbidden by law.
  • Today much of the work you see HERE is street artwork that no longer exists.

Some of these powerful photos have become iconic images of Los Angeles and are published in international’s publications like Taschen, Japan’s 38 Time, Drago, Los Angeles Graffiti and others.  

We invite you to view the world through Eriberto Oriol’s eye, look around and explore
the forbidden through this SLIDE SHOW of a few archival throw backs. 

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About Us:

In the heart of downtown Los Angeles, streetwise photographer Eriberto Oriol walks the streets capturing powerful street art. 

Starting around 1989, photographer Eriberto Oriol and wife Angelica Gonzalez Oriol started adding to their art collection: “Forbidden Art.”  The photographs are of what has inspired them and they recognized as the work of talented artists pursuing their passion.  

As Los Angeles residents for over three decades, Eriberto and Angelica have long been fervent supporters of the arts, especially at the community level. In fact, the couple is recognized for curating the first ever major graffiti art show in Los Angeles at the Pico House in Olvera Street featuring:  Slick, Hex, Mandoe, Skill and Duke. The exhibit “Burning Desire” first open at the Pico House in Olvera then travel to The Mexican Museum in San Francisco in May 1 – July 28, 1991.

Today young people from around the world remain captivated by the Los Angeles’ vibrant graffiti. To this day, Los Angeles along with New York City are recognized as two of the world’s preeminent graffiti destinations. The Los Angeles artists’ styles may vary but, they all share an edge that only living in the City of Angels can bring to an artist’s creation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why aren’t all Graffiti Artists featured on the site credited?

“Many times I don’t know whose work it is. I’m just looking at it as an image as a wonderful piece of art. I do not try to decipher it. I’m not a documentarian. I just photograph art that I love.” said photographer Eriberto Oriol.

Click LINK to enjoy a virtual tour SLIDESHOW of some archives of throw backs pics.

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November 2022

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