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Are we dancing with a Madman?

This is a series of paintings with social commentaries that speak of the rage of power, screams of victims and invisible erased souls begging not to be forgotten.

“The Rage of Power” is one of the social commentaries paintings in the series “Dancing with a Madman” by artist Eriberto Oriol. more text below


Rage of Power by Eriberto Oriol


When I first saw this painting it made me think of the main character’s rage and how women have been more vulnerable in war, politics, and power just because they have a pussy, at least this is my interpretation.

Of course, this is not what this artist set out to paint; his images come from his creative zone that he allows to take charge and he just paints. In this powerful painting, the image speaks of the rage of power with an abrasive grab that symbolizes dominance and violence.

He uses the color pink to tease the viewer into arousal and maybe to emphasize the power that these images represent. Eriberto knows that since the beginning of time, people with power and money have had a significant impact on society when they have allowed their greed and insecurity to get the best of them.

Through his paintings, Eriberto is helping us see what others at times do not see. He allows the creativity of his imagination to be seen in his work. Historically that is what artists have done.

Artists such as Francisco Goya’s etchings “Los Caprichos” and Pablo Picasso’s with “Guernica” documented some of the cruel and inhuman events of the war, greed, and power. Some felt that these bizarre paintings were a sign of madness, completely off the wall because they were different from everyone else’s. I would argue that these artists were really in tune with the creative force of the universe.

SAVE THIS DATE: June 14, 2019

Text by Angelica Oriol


CANCER: Stage 4


In this artwork, artist Eriberto Oriol captured the intense emotions that I was going through at the time when I found out that I had breast cancer. Nothing prepares one for moments like these.

This was back in August 1994. I kept asking myself questions like, “What did I do to get this cancer? What do I do now? Why me?”

I remembered a therapist saying to me, “Angelica get a hold of yourself, the fear of cancer will kill you sooner than cancer.” I said to myself, “That is easy for her to say.” But she was right.

They say that some of the most powerful works of art emerge from an artist’s darkest moments. In this piece, you can see the strength in Eriberto’s art.



He was able to capture the intensity of emotions and sheer determination to live in those eyes – all my emotions are on and running!

In much of Eriberto’s work, it is in his characters that seem to reflect haunting moments of human life that resonate the fears and emotions most experience.

His work also shows the strength, tenacity, and integrity of his character as a human being and as an artist.

Photo and text by Angelica
Artwork mixed media by Eriberto Oriol

* For more details on of some of his accomplishments, samples of Eriberto’s painting and list of art collectors GO TO ABOUT in


Like Father Like Son: NYC

Like Father Like Son:  NYC

Eriberto & Estevan Oriol Opening reception Friday, November 9, 6-8pm

Please RSVP to rsvp at carmichaelgallery dot com

Carmichael Gallery NY Pop-Up chashama, 303 Tenth Ave (between 27th and 28th) New York, NY 10001

Exhibition will be open to the public through November 24, 2012


Carmichael Gallery is pleased to announce Like Father, Like Son : NYC, a retrospective survey of works by renowned Los Angles-based Chicano father and son photographers, Eriberto and Estevan Oriol.

Carmichael Gallery NYC:

“First Love” by Eriberto Oriol


Photo by Estevan Oriol


Carmichael Gallery takes the “Streets of Los Angeles” to New York

Carmichael Gallery take the streets of Los Angeles to New York in   “Like Father Like Son” November 8, 2012

“Mutual Respect”



Estevan Oriol pic


“First Love” by Eriberto Oriol


Angelica Oriol and painting by Slick

Full Press Release:

Media Coverage:”Like Father Like Son” in

Complex Art and Design Magazine:

Hype Beast:  Digital magazine for fashion, arts, design & culture:

Limite Magazine:


Did you miss me?

Did you miss me?

You don’t have to I am in archives:

Find: Slick, Saber, 50mm, Revok, Retna, Galo, Asylm, Ketup,Size Rime…..

Graf by “Besk UNO” photo by Eriberto Oriol

Slick, Saber, 50mm,  Revok,  Retna, Galo, Asylm, Ketup,Size  Rime…..


Tonight – Downtown Los Angeles


 Preview Room @ Factory Place
Downtown Los Angeles

LA 90013:  310.424.0329

The Early “Patron” gets the BEST print!

The Downtown LA Art Walk and Eriberto Oriol’s prints
are two more reasons to make it out early to downtown Los Angeles this

Thursday, June 7, 2012. 6-8 p. m.

 Preview Room 1300 Factory Place,
LA 90013:  310.424.0329



“Urban Legends”

Eriberto Oriol and his son Estevan Oriol join other artists to help raise funds to “Conserve Murals for all Artists.”  Graffiti Artists as well as traditional artists join the Esteria Foundation to help give awareness.  Join us TONIGHT,  Saturday for the “Opening Reception of Urban Lends.”

L.A. Mart/Source L.A., 1933 S. Broadway, 12th floor.  Public opening 4/28/12

$10. donation


June 2023

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