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Cosmic Creativity?

"Cosmic Woman" painting by Eriberto Oriol

“Cosmic Woman” painting by Eriberto Oriol

In his paintings, Eriberto Oriol’s characters are often missing the real structure of what is supposed to be a full body and often all you see are interactions of the shapes, color and texture.


Eriberto does not want to be pigeonhole in ONE style. It is hard at times to have the unique distinction of being an artist, but Eriberto sees it as a privilege to be able to express the magic of his imagination.


Projecting his emotions through color, line, his work has more of an international flair from inspirations that comes from great art from Asia, Africa and Mesoamerica.


Text by Angelica


Eriberto is standing by one of his recent paintings “Cosmic Woman.”


GO TO for a list of art collectors, publications, media coverage and more samples of his artwork.








Take the right RISK in art collecting

By Angelica Oriol at

What are the risks in collecting art?  “What Makes Art Valuable?”

These are two of the most burning questions that resonate with some artists and gallery professionals. Listed below are some of the resources I used in my quest to find the answers to these questions. This is what I found out.

One,  “Art collecting” is not for everyone – you have to LOVE the art, have passion for the work and have it resonate with you, the collector. These are the main reasons to invest in art. Most collect art to enrich their life.  For some art collectors it is the “Ultimate Luxury” especially for some wanting to surround themselves with the very BEST. It is usually not as a financial investment.

In the art world “Provenance” the history of ownership and who else collects the artist’s work, can send the price of the artwork to skyrocket. See who is collecting Eriberto Oriol’s work below.

Some of the art collectors are just concern as to how their peers see them and their art collection. Some mainly cared about how they are going to be remembered. Maybe as “the one” who discovered or were the first to see the genius in the artist or artwork collected.

Another question in looking at artwork; does the artist “Use the Force?”  Is it contrived creativity or is it madness that the artist listens and uses their inner creative spirit?” In the art world, you sometimes see people with great illustrating skills; that get an idea and they put it on canvas, but they don’t allow “The Force” with-in to guide them.  Resulting sometimes in a collage of ideas that don’t mesh. Sometimes missing the magic of the connection with the dynamic universal creative spirit

There is a certain kind of freedom that comes from madness. With civilization come the rules and regulations. Who is really free? Who are the normal people; those who are free to act on their instincts and desires; or those who are ruled by regulations and expectations?

Artist, Eriberto Oriol, is not interested in following the rules and schools of art.  In his paintings and drawings, Eriberto speaks with his own voice. Projecting his emotions through color, line and expression with more of an international flare from inspirations that comes from great art from Asia, Africa and Mesoamerica.

Born and raised in the United States he sometimes paints from themes that flow from memories, with various painting styles, impressions from his subconscious and experiences.

Get to know more of artist Eriberto Oriol in: – it features Eriberto’s art and asks you to “Define your STYLE with ART.”

Sotheby Auction House in New York, Director of Contemporary bought two of Eriberto’s artwork. He has also garnered the attention from Taschen Publisher, Juxtapoz Magazine and William Wilson art critic for the L A times.

Eriberto has been published globally, including with Taschen Publisher, Juxtapoz Magazine, LA Times, LA Weekly, 38 Timez Japan, Drago Publishing, Warp Japan and The San Francisco Chronicle to name a few.

In an art review by top L A Times art critic, William Wilson called him a people’s aesthete.  L A WEEKLY named and featured Eriberto as a “Local Hero” for his work at the Pico House. 

Some of Eriberto’s Art Collectors:

PM Tenore, and Magazine

Gwynned Vitello, President and Publisher of Juxtapoz Magazine

Elizabeth and Dr. Dietmar Gann, Tucson Heart Group and Diet of Hope

Oryu Oreo, 38 Timez Magazine Japan

Kathy Battista Program Director of Contemporary Art Department, Sotheby Auction House New York

Tony Vitello, owner of Thrasheru Magazine

Derek Baurmann, Baurmann Publishing

Richard Duardo – Owner & Master Printer, Modern Multiples

Raymond Leon Roker, Entrepreneurial Creative Executive Producer, AEG

Shepard Fairey, Obey Giant Inc.

Harold C. Hart-Nibbrig, Esq.

Dickies Clothing

Altamont Apparel

Here are a few of some of my favorite resources in exploring some of these questions:

What Makes Art Valuable? This is a great video by “Top Documentary Films:”

China’s New Art collectors:

The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell and Sister Wendy Art Series

Netflix videos: “The Heart of Madness”  and “Raiders of the Lost Art”


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