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Where are you going?


What are you doing?  SAME THING.

What are you eating? SAME THING.



In a world with so much SAMENESS, artist Eriberto Oriol does NOT want to create the same thing over and over.  He feels is not natural for life to do and be the SAME THING over and over every day.  He does not want to live his life that way.


In this Caras/Faces series, Eriberto is more playful but still, as he sometimes says, meditating with his eyes open.  He allows his imagination to take him where it may.  It is hard for Eriberto to find meaning in his work.  He just seems to follow his inspiration.


Eriberto has several styles in his art.  He paints, he draws, he takes photos, he cooks and he lives.  Even in his walks, he is always looking for a different route, a different place to explore.


It is the same way with his artwork. At times he is somber, sometimes he is playful and sometimes he is contemplative. His art is like his life.  Every day is different – emotionally, physically and health-wise.


As a mature artist, many masters in the art have influenced him.   He loves spending time and time again reviewing great artworks from Africa, Asia, Mesoamerica, and others.  He is in awe of their creativity and imagination.


Some say, “Where there is light, there is a dream.”  For an artist, sustainability through their art is the Dream.


Painting by Eriberto Oriol


Text by Angelica




“What Makes Art Valuable?”

It is the magic and power of the imagination that adds value to art.

“Obscure Identity” by artist Eriberto Oriol

“Obscure Identity” by artist Eriberto Oriol



The genius of an artist is the one that responds to the sense of wonder and magic of imagination. Even when not knowing where the journey will lead, or what is the meaning of their inspiration.


Some feel that being an artist is not a realistic way of life. Eriberto feels that the integrity of life is to follow the wisdom of one’s heart.


In his painting “Obscure Identity,” the figure’s face is obscured and she appears to be traveling in space as if on a journey to bring her out the shadows of obscurity. The balance of bold colors and lines gives the figure a certain kind of grace and elegance.


Eriberto feels that ART is sometimes seen, as a romantic cult for odd people that reject everyone else’s opinion and are doing what he or she feels is their call.


For him, the artwork is the reward for having listened to the inner call of one’s imagination and traveled on a journey to the unknown.   It is this operative link between imagination and the final result that gives value to art.


Text by Angelica

“Obscure Identity”  Painting by artist Eriberto Oriol


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