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Own part of CALIFORNIA history with Eriberto’s photo “America’s Most Wanted”

ART COLLECTORS – This image is part of twenty-five Limited Edition photo collection.

L A WEEKLY named featured Eriberto as a”Local Hero” for the work he was producing with artist at the Pico House. 
In the art review by top L A Times art critic, William Wilson called him a people’s aesthete.
Eriberto Oriol been published globally, including Juxtapoz, LA Times, LA Weekly, Taschen, with Drago Publishing, Warp Japan
and The San Francisco Chronicle to name a few.


"America's Most Wanted"

“America’s Most Wanted” Limited Edition photo

Own a moment in CALIFORNIA history with this photo “America’s Most Wanted” by Eriberto Oriol. This is one of those images that frame the HISTORY of the city of Los Angeles and US.

“Los Angeles, Portrait of a City” by USC university history professor Dr. Kevin Starr uses “Portrait of the City” as a required text book for his classes on the history of Los Angeles and US. See AMW on Taschen’s book on page 536.

“America’s Most Wanted” is one of those images that frames the history of the City of Los Angeles, it was selected along with photos of Rodi King beating, Robert Kennedy assassination and others pics to be part of the history of the city of Los Angeles through photos.

"America's Most Wanted" Limited Edition photo

“America’s Most Wanted” Part of California history

Eriberto Oriol has been published globally, including Juxtapoz and Warp Japan, The San Francisco Chronicle, just to name a few. He continues to live and work in Los Angeles he now considers his hometown.



We are looking to exhibit these images in a prominent space.

The Artist’s DREAM and the MUSE
The artist’s dream is to be able to live off his or her art.
The Muse is the one who believes in the power of the arts; trust their taste and intuition.
Just like with Picasso, Van Gogh and other great artist, needed a Muse, so does Angelica and Eriberto.

We are looking to exhibit these images in a prominent space.

These are photos of the Underground – METRO – Los Angeles are “Historical and stunning and amazing photos” of a momentous accomplishment for the City of Los Angeles and part of thousands peoples’ life every day.

Underground – METRO – Los Angeles photos by Eriberto Oriol – “Historical and Stunning.”

More photos – Red Line to the Civic Center: by Eriberto Oriol.


We have a Dream and are looking for Investors who wants to invest in the DREAM

The Pico House Story

The Pico House building was in shambles and had been abandoned for over 40 years. Windows were broken, some floors and walls were missing and some homeless had been living there for years. Eriberto Oriol became responsible for the renovation, design, and art installation. He hired Reyes Rodriguez and his crew to put in floors, walls, fix windows and to paint the entire inside. Remarkably, within 2 weeks the building was beautiful and ready to be used as an exhibition art space.


We are happy that through our efforts of bringing the Pico House space up to par, for over the past 30 years now it has provided innumerable venues for a variety of organizations, artists, and the Hollywood Entertainment industry.

The PICO HOUSE First exhibit was “LA LA” and featured artwork from artists: John Valadez, Eloy Torrez, Patssi Valdez, Carlos Almaraz, Wayne Healy, Alfredo De Batuc, Guillermo Bert, Margaret Garcia, Willie Herron and others – February 25 – April 8, 1989.

Patssi sold everyone of her pieces that we exhibited. A curator from France saw her work there and soon her work was seen in France, Spain and Sweden. See Valdez full story in the L A Times.

We have a Dream and are looking for Investors who wants to invest in the DREAM

The Dream: To get a “live-in work studio” to create art and to continue to contribute to the arts with our artwork.

If you want to invest in the DREAM, contact us at: Thank you.


Special thanks:…/special-thanks/




Better parking today. Two – four today downtown Los Angles

MUST GO prices special on some prints.
For pick-up ONLY in the downtown Art District this weekend:   This Saturday 2-4 pm or
by appointment at:
1300 Factory Place in downtown Los Angeles, CA C
Call 310.424.0329 to have someone escort you to the Preview Room.
Better parking today, sorry busy area

Carmichael Gallery takes the “Streets of Los Angeles” to New York

Carmichael Gallery take the streets of Los Angeles to New York in   “Like Father Like Son” November 8, 2012

“Mutual Respect”



Estevan Oriol pic


“First Love” by Eriberto Oriol


Angelica Oriol and painting by Slick

Full Press Release:

Media Coverage:”Like Father Like Son” in

Complex Art and Design Magazine:

Hype Beast:  Digital magazine for fashion, arts, design & culture:

Limite Magazine:


Did you miss me?

Did you miss me?

You don’t have to I am in archives:

Find: Slick, Saber, 50mm, Revok, Retna, Galo, Asylm, Ketup,Size Rime…..

Graf by “Besk UNO” photo by Eriberto Oriol

Slick, Saber, 50mm,  Revok,  Retna, Galo, Asylm, Ketup,Size  Rime…..


Tonight – Downtown Los Angeles


 Preview Room @ Factory Place
Downtown Los Angeles

LA 90013:  310.424.0329

The Early “Patron” gets the BEST print!

The Downtown LA Art Walk and Eriberto Oriol’s prints
are two more reasons to make it out early to downtown Los Angeles this

Thursday, June 7, 2012. 6-8 p. m.

 Preview Room 1300 Factory Place,
LA 90013:  310.424.0329



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