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You know what they say about CURIOSITY?  

Here is a question, Who’s NEXT for Forbidden Art LA Thursday’s night NEW LISTINGS?


 You can wait until Thursday @ 8 p.m. PDT to check on eBay who’s NEXT?


you can click on SHOP on to see whose next on eBay silent auction.

FOR GRAFFITI ART COLLECTORs, join us on Sundays, @ 8 p.m. PDT where you can try your luck for a chance to bid on the forbidden, on eBay @ForbiddenArtLA listings. 

One thing for sure it will be a Limited-Edition silk-screen serigraphs printed by late Modern Multiples’ master printer Richard Duardo.

This a sample of Richard Duardo’s other FAMOUS prints on

Modern Multiples’ master printer Richard Duardo 

Latin American Art website described him by saying, “Richard Duardo has long been dubbed the ‘West-Coast Warhol’ for his importance to arts in Los Angeles. He is an artist and Master Printer with more than 25 years’ experience producing over 450 pieces of art for artists including Shepard Fairey, David Hockney, John Van Hamersveld and Keith Haring among others.” 

Ours are GRAFFITI ART prints by artist Saber, Chaz Bojorquez, Mear One, Defer and others.


Tonight at 8 pm. PDT Original graffiti TAGs on silent auction on eBay.

FOR GRAFFITI ART COLLECTORs, own part of history and original tags of some of the Big Bau Wow’s of the streets of Los Angeles –

On eBay search for ForbiddenArtLA or StreetDreams Graffiti ART LIMITED EDITION2003 Collectible Paint Buckets.

Numbers 94 and 245 of a limited-edition of 250 paint buckets are from the StreetDreams Graffiti exhibit. These paint buckets have some of the original graffiti TAGs of some of the artists of the StreetDreams exhibit.  

Visibly clear on the tops of the paint buckets are the original tags of AWR (Artwork Rebels/Angels Will Rise) Vermen MSK, Ron English and many more, check close-ups of paint buckets.   

“StreetDreams” art exhibit by GuerillaOne presented The Seventh Letter “The Gods of Graffiti” and some of the “Big Bau Wow’s” of the streets of Los Angeles like Coax, Revok, Chaz Bojorquez, Saber, Zes, Dave Schubert, Ricky Powell, Ron English, Sinner, Retna, Slick, Shepard Fairey, Estevan Oriol, Mister Cartoon, Saber, Ethan Browne, Ewok, Booh,  Push, Rime, Kofie, Sever, Krush, Sam Flores, Totem 2, Kent Parker, Wise, Ken Woodward, Mark Bode and Miner.

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For the First Time

An Art Collector’s find for graffiti art collectors will be available for silent auction on March 18, 2022 @ 7 am Pacific Time on eBay. 

TWO of a limited-edition of 250 paint buckets, numbers 94 and 245 from the StreetDreams Graffiti exhibit will be available for bidding.  

Check out SLIDE SHOW of closeups of goodies inside each paint bucket. 

What do you think should be the starting bid?

The StreetDreams Graffiti exhibit by The SeventhLetter and GuerillaOne at Ghetto Gloss Gallery in Los Angeles, California was on August 16, 2003.  These buckets have the originals signatures of several of the graffiti artists in the exhibit.  

Inside each bucket package includes the StreetDreams Graffiti original invitation, an Extra-Large tee shirt for each bucket, two of Shepard Fairey’s 2003 Obey stickers, GuerillaOne sticker and other goodies.  

 *** Disclosure:  The buckets don’t have the signatures some of the “Big Bau Wow’s” of the streets of Los Angeles i.e. Retna, Chaz, Mister Carton, Shepard Fairey and a few others who were not at the gallery when the signatures were gather.


“Forbidden Art”

Artist Eriberto Oriol is a maverick in his art. He has been photographing graffiti for many years; long before it was trendy, hip, safe, and accepted in the fine art world. It is the spontaneity of graffiti’s energy of being in the moment that has attracted him to this art form.

For some graffiti is a forbidden art form since some of the murals are in remote out of the way places in areas where only a few people would dare to travel. It is also NOT accepted and banned as fine art by many in the established art world.

Yet, as in most things that are forbidden, banned, or prohibited, it is what helps make Eriberto’s work in graffiti, like he is providing a FORBIDDEN FRUIT to the arts.

This mural is a collaboration of graffiti artists Nychos and Saturno.

Check some of the “Big Bau Wow’s” of the streets of Los Angeles in “WE GOT GRAF” archives page at

Photos by Eriberto Oriol. Text and posting by Angelica Oriol.

#graffiti #graffitiart #nychos #lagraffiti #saturno


Stories at

Heartfelt Human Interest Stories of Courage, Hope, and Tenacity. Eriberto Oriol and Angelica Gonzalez-Oriol‘s Stories through Media Coverage and Videos



Go to and CLICK

Media Coverage and Videos



Iconic Photos

Rain Series

Los Angeles Underground Metro

Pico House Story

The Graffiti Story

“Got Graf” archives

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This FRIDAY and SATURDAY 2 – 4 Downtown Los Angeles-pick-up your print

PRINT SPECIAL – Private Art Collection of prints printed by Self-Help Graphics and some by Modern Multiples and other publishers available for pick-up ONLY special.

We have artists prints on Chaz Bojorquez, Gajin Fujita,  Haze, SABER, Alex Kizu aka Defer, MEAR ONE and of course prints of Eriberto’s Oriol work and a few other artists prints for pick-up special in Los Angeles see to see some of the prints, not all are listed.

MUST GO prices special on some prints.
For pick-up ONLY in the downtown Art District this weekend:  Friday and Saturday from 2 – 4 pm or by appointment at:  1300 Factory Place in downtown Los Angeles, CA or call 310.424.0329 for more information.  TIME CHANGE NOW 2-4 PM Friday and Saturday or by appointment.

Shepard_print_Estevan_Eriberto_4376(1)Foto on left of Steven Luciano by, Estevan Oriol and on right Kathline by, Eriberto Oriol: Published by, Shepard Fairy

Part of “Rain Series”
“America’s Most Wanted and Welcome to LA” photos by Eriberto Oriol on paper and wood
First come special on first 2 prints


Limited Edition published internationally published books and magazines available on display


Limited Edition. Published by Tashen, Modern Multiples, 38 Timez magazine JAPAN, and others, now available on paper and wood.


Tonight – Downtown Los Angeles


 Preview Room @ Factory Place
Downtown Los Angeles

LA 90013:  310.424.0329

The Early “Patron” gets the BEST print!

The Downtown LA Art Walk and Eriberto Oriol’s prints
are two more reasons to make it out early to downtown Los Angeles this

Thursday, June 7, 2012. 6-8 p. m.

 Preview Room 1300 Factory Place,
LA 90013:  310.424.0329



Body Art

Body Art @ Manny Navarette from Santa Ana. Tattos by: Jose Lopez Fotos by: Eriberto Oriol

Girls, Girls, Girls – Graffiti WEEKLY

Girls, Girls, Girls – Graffiti: – Photos by Eriberto Oriol

“Got Graffiti” – Weekly

“Got Graffiti” – Weekly

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