Artist Eriberto Oriol

Mural size Painting 16'.6" x 6'

Mural size Painting 16′.6″ x 6′


Artist Eriberto Oriol

By Angelica

Artist Eriberto Oriol
by Angelica

There is a certain kind of freedom that comes from madness.  With civilization come the rules and regulations.  Who is really free? Who are the normal people; those who are free to act on their instincts and desires; or those who are ruled by regulations and expectations?

In his paintings, drawings, and sculptures, Eriberto projects his emotions through color, line, and expression with more of an international flare from inspirations that comes from great art from Asia, Africa and Mesoamerica
Like much of his work, in his drawing “Freaked Out,” it is a juxtaposition of color, line and shapes. The color pink in the background juxtaposed with the dark scribble of his main character, shows how bewildered and out of place this character seems to be.  He is in an urban setting that is almost frightening, as would be a large window cracking and breaking into pieces.
He has various styles in his art.  For him, is not about concept; it’s a pause to share feelings about common experiences. His characters are often missing the real structure of what is supposed to be a full body and often all you see are the souls and essence of emotions.  It’s hard for Eriberto to try to give meaning or interpretation to his work, as he just seems to be a vessel for these inspirations.
The shading in his drawings are not to give the drawings three dimension but it is just there for character and texture.
Born and raised in the United States he sometimes paints from themes that flow from memories, with various painting styles, impressions from his subconscious and experiences.  



Eriberto’s Art Collectors

One of Eriberto’s art collector is Sotheby Auction House Director of Contemporary Art and History in New York  as she added to her art collection some of Eriberto’s artwork.

Additional Art Collectors:

** Carol Levy – 1st art collector

Sotheby Auction House Director of Contemporary Art and History in New York
Gwynned Vitello, President and Publisher of Juxtapoz Magazine
PM Tenore, and Magazine
Shepard Fairey, Obey Giant Inc.
Tony Vitello, owner of Thrasheru Magazine
Elizabeth and Dr. Dietmar Gann, Tucson Heart Group and Diet of Hope
Oryu Oreo, 38 Timez Magazine Japan
Derek Baurmann, Baurmann Publishing
Raymond Leon Roker, Entrepreneurial Creative Executive Producer, AEG
Harold C. Hart-Nibbrig, Esq.
Dickies Clothing
Danica Polack
Dianna T. Duran
Altamont Apparel
Reyes Rodriguez

Yreina Cervantes
Xavier Estrella
Nasim Barrack

Some Clients

Dixies fashion
“MC-Eigt” Native Records
“Third Degree” Black Ice Records
“Bad Religion” Light-borne Inc.
“No Warning” group under Lincoln Park
Tribal Gear clothing
Metro Blue Line
Fashion Valley – San Diego
Glendale Mall
Dorian’s Mexico


Blink 182, Cypress Hill, Buya Tribe and others.


GO TO MEDIA @ for listing of other publications


"Reclining Figures"

“Reclining Figures”



"Where is my Coffee?"

“Where is my Coffee?”





Published in:

Taschen  ♦ Hong Kong  ♦  Colon ♦ London ♦  Paris ♦ Tokyo ♦ Los Angeles

38 Timez ♦ Japan ♦ United States

Juxtapoz Magazine ♦ International

Eriberto’s also featured in the L A Times, LA Weekly and others

In an art review by top L A Times art critic, William Wilson called him a people’s aesthete.

L A WEEKLY named and featured Eriberto as a “Local Hero” for his work at the Pico House. 



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