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CONTACT:  eribertoartx@yahoo.com


Eriberto Oriol of ForbiddenArtLA.com is part of Mango Azul  .com


Eriberto Oriol’s work has been described as “Moments of Frozen Reality of the Street of Los Angeles.”

Eriberto’s work has gain youth and world recognition with a list of international publications like Taschen, Rime, Dime, California Fresh …  Media list listed below.


.: ART Work that is “Thought Provoking?”

Few people would think of Picasso and not think of “Guernica” and as you might imagine, Goya’s work made a lot of Spanish people very angry to hear of such incidents, and Goya’s painting helped fuel that anger even further rallying more people to fight back the French…

TODAY few serious ART investors would pass the opportunity to own a Goya or Picasso’.



Eriberto Oriol’s contemporary paintings and photos are on his views of the political and economic climate that surrounds him.  A lot of Eriberto’s work is not decorative and is considered thought provoking.   A surprise awaits those who thought they knew Eriberto’s work very well…. to be continued when he introduces his paintings and drawings..yes!!!.


Eriberto’s Commercial work


One of Eriberto’s photo AMW was selected along with photos of Rodi King beating, Robert Kennedy assassination  and others pics to be part of the history of the city of Los Angeles through photos  see Taschen’s books on – line: taschen.com.  Eriberto’s photo on page on page: 536.
Eriberto Oriol’s work part of history books on the City of Los Angeles
“America’s Most Wanted” photo becomes part of the history books on the City of Los Angeles.
You are in good company as an art collector of Eriberto’s work;  His work has been collected by significant investors and we will send with additional information on your inquiry..
Most of Eriberto’s older work is in film although now most of it is digital.  All of the prints come in Archival paper with a personal note from Eriberto for authentication and signature from photo lab.  Sizes available upon request and needs.



Check out STORIES about the artist and his work on videos listed below.

Prices are at Art Investor Level and and list of other investors is available upon request.



NBC “Last Call” interview of Eriberto Oriol:  http://bit.ly/LAST_CALL_Oriols

Juxtapoz Magazine – Eriberto Oriol : http://bit.ly/Eriberto_Estevan_ORIOL

Juxtapoz Magazine features:  Baurmann Gallery publishes Eriberto Oriol and Estevan Oriol at Modern Multiples:  http://bit.ly/JuxtaPozBaurmannModernMultiples

Carmichael Gallery:  http://bit.ly/Carmichael_Gallery_ORIOLs  

Alamont 3 Videos on Eriberto:  http://bit.ly/Alamont_3_Videos_Eriberto_ORIOL


Player from podcast service:
Full show direct link:

YouTube commercial:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLuJEX6vGGY

CONTACT:  eribertoartx@yahoo.com


Photos by Eriberto Oriol

We invite you to view the world through Eriberto Oriol’s eye.  Through these photos, photographer Eriberto Oriol and partner Angelica are sharing their photo art collection: “Forbidden Art.” These are photographs of what they see as electrifying  – graffiti and urban city images of Los Angeles.


Eriberto Oriol’s e-mail:   eribertoartx@yahoo.com

FACEBOOK:  http://on.fb.me/Facebook_ForbiddenArtLA

Click here to STEP into the Forbidden and GO BACK to the main site:     http://www.forbiddenartla.com

CONTACT:  eribertoartx@yahoo.com

or message me in Facebook:  Eriberto Oriol

 “Got Graffiti Archives”  http://www.forbiddenartla.com/main/Archives.html

ForbiddenArtLA.com http://forbiddenartla.com/
Eriberto’s work is also available at Carmichael Gallery:  http://bit.ly/AVAIL_CarmichaelGALLERY

 “STORE: http://forbiddenartlacom.bigcartel.com/




Explore the Eriberto’s BLOG, Site:  ForbiddenArtLA.com and step into the Forbidden

  • Walking through his downtown Los Angeles neighborhood back in 1989, Eriberto Oriol stumbled upon a battle of epic proportions. Two young L.A. kings were painting on the walls of the Belmont Tunnel, one of L.A.’s most famous graffiti yards, that was torn down in 2006.  Starting in 1921 the Belmont Tu…


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"Eve and Natures Spirits" ... Artwork by, Eriberto Oriol LA "Frida Kahlo Represented" ...artwork by, Yriena Cervantes: on exhibit @ Vincent Price Art Museum in East LA, 4.22.17 to 7.22.17: foto by, Eriberto Oriol LA: Love this painting. "LA Graffiti" ... foto by, Eriberto Oriol LA "Ivonne looking for Gold/Ivonne Buscando Oro" ...@ LA Arts District: foto by, Eriberto Oriol LA

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