Underground – METRO – Los Angeles

“Historical and Breath Taking.”

More photos – Red Line to the Civic Center: https://eribertooriol.wordpress.com/underground-metro/ by Eriberto Oriol.

Until the posting we did on these photos recently, few have seen these photos. They are amazing and a great insight into the process of excavating and making the dream of the Los Angeles metro underground a reality. They are the historical and spectacular.


When Eriberto was down there taking the photos, he was amazed; it was a totally different world.   It reminded Eriberto of Dante’s poem, The Divine Comedy and the descent to the underworld. Eriberto also has photos of the Gold Line


The dream would be to have them exhibited at the Getty and the Metro Stations, for this to happen you have to know the RIGHT people and this is where we need your help.



The Artist’s DREAM and the MUSE

The artist’s dream is to be able to live off his or her art, to do that, they need to have the space and resources to create the art.

The Muse is the one who believes in the power of the arts and the artist.

Angelica and I, Eriberto Oriol have contributed to the arts and artists for a long time and now we want to dedicate our efforts to create art and contribute to the ARTS with our art.   We need investors/muse to help with resources to produce the ART and help to move it.

If you can help with the dream, contact us: eribertoartx@yahoo.com

Samples of Angelica’s art: MangoAzul.com
Samples of Eriberto’s art: ForbiddenArtLA.com


We have contributed to the arts throughout the years; here is part of the story of our contributions and the exhibits that we produced at the Pico House Story – How we got the Pico House for details.

At the PICO HOUSE, we have featured artwork from artists:  Carlos Almaraz, Alfredo De Batuc, Guillermo Bert, David Botello, Rudy Calderon, Elsa Flores, Margaret Garcia, Wayne Healy, Willie Herron, Rosalyn Mesquita, Francesco Siqueiros, Eloy Torrez, John Valadez and Patssi Valdez. Exhibit ran from February 25 – April 8, 1989.

Patssi sold every one of her pieces she had at the Pico House. A curator from France saw her work there and soon her work was seen in France, Spain and Sweden   March 21, 1992  Valdez full story in the L A Times.



Other artists featured at the Pico House were: Alfredo Banuelos, Ulysses Diaz, Isabel Martinez, Margaret Guzman and Eriberto Oriol.

Some of the Graffiti artists: Slick, Hex, Duke, Mandoe, Skill and others Burning Desire story in Frank 151.



Eriberto Oriol

Born in Indio, CA, Eriberto Oriol grew up in the San Diego neighborhood of Barrio Logan before relocating to Los Angeles, his home now for over three decades. In addition to expanding his internationally recognized portfolio of photographs of LA Latino street life, street art and graffiti, a talent he would later pass down to son Estevan, he and wife Angelica Gonzalez-Oriol are enthusiastic, proactive supporters of the local art scene, which led them to curate the first major exhibition of graffiti art in Los Angeles in 1989. In addition to the recognition the Oriols received from the Los Angeles City Council for the show’s contribution to the community and the praise from numerous media outlets, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles acquired a featured artwork for its permanent collection.

Select galleries that have exhibited Eriberto’s work to date include Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles Chinese American Museum (CAM), Crewest Gallery, Los Angeles and Anno Domini, San Jose, while commercial projects have ranged from work for the NBA, Nike, Vans and T Mobil to Jokerbrand, LA Metro, Altamont Apparel and Warner Bros. In addition to featuring in Los Angeles: Portrait of a City (Kevin Starr, David L. Ulin, Jim Heimann, TASCHEN Books, 2009), Eriberto and his work have been profiled in The Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Daily Telegraph, Downtown News – Los Angeles, Vogue Australia, Mass Appeal, tasj magazine, Swindle, Thrasher, Hypebeast, Rebel Ink, Juxtapoz, 38 Timez, Oversight, Warp, Scratch, Rime, Fader Magazine,  Format Magazine and Freshness Mag, amongst numerous other national and international print and online media outlets. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.




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