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Are those the REAL THING?

Or are they JUST screen prints on copy paper?

Art Collectors, GET THE REAL THING on  eBay STORE

Signed prints on archival paper. Belmont Tunnel pics


Here are how many prints are LEFT on the Belmont Tunnel pics

C Prints  Graffiti 16” x 20”   

1 LA Letters     

1 Hex and Slick Battle Belmont Tunnel  

1 Belmont Tunnel watermelon 

1 Silent Chaos Belmont House inside    

Inkjets 13” x 19 

1 Hex & Slick  

1 Hex’s piece wall  

1 Hex’s spearing Slick’s icon  

1 Hex’s letters  

 1 Welcome to Slicks reality  

1 Slicks detail  

1 Slick in the process man smoking   

1 Belmont Tunnel Miller Brewing Billboard  

1 LA letters  







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We just added Limited Edition prints on Gajin Fujita and Chaz Bojorquez limited edition prints. 

TONIGHT 8 p.m. PDT on eBay Store

High Voltage II” by Gajin Fujita The USC Pacific Asia Museum described Gajin Fujita as a Japanese American artist whose work combines elements of traditional Japanese ukiyo-e art with contemporary American street art and Pop art, among other influences.

“Los Locos De Cali” by Chaz Bojorquez’s Monograph charts the life and career of ” a Los Angeles-born Mexican American artist who began in the “Cholo” gang graffiti tradition but quickly arrived at his own groundbreaking style. 

THANK YOU, art collectors and art lovers, for your consideration of when adding to your VALUABLE ART COLLECTION INVESTMENT.

All our Limited-Edition prints were printed by Master printer for Modern Multiples, MM Richard Duardo.  He was dubbed the ‘West-Coast Warhol’ for his importance to arts in Los Angeles. 

On eBay ForbiddenArtLA’s silent auction run for 10 days and END on Sundays @ 8 pmPDT. New listing every Thursday @ 8 pm PDT











#Graffiti, #streetart, #RichardDuardo, #ModernMultiples, #LosAngelesGraffiti, #TheSeventhLetter, #ChazBojorquez, #Saber, #GajinFujita #EribertoOriol #ForbiddenArtLA


Do you remember your FIRST LOVE?

Here is Eriberto’s First Love story. Eriberto was at the 2000 Democratic Convention in Los Angeles taking photos.  It was hot and there was a lot of excitement in the air.

Eriberto is very keen to his surrounding, so he immediately noticed this beautiful young woman walking towards him.  

Eriberto was already trying to change the film in his camera, but by the time he finished, it was too late.  She had walked on by.  He was about to run to get in front of her to still try to take the photo, when he saw the look on this young boy looking at the young woman.  He knew right then and there; this kid was the photo.

Eriberto to this date still remembers his first love as a young boy.  Her name was Arabia.  She had long jet-black hair and was beautiful like this young woman.  Arabia was his older sister’s best friend.  

Eriberto knows he must have looked like this young boy every time Arabia came to visit his sister.   JUST 6 TEST PRINTS, different sizes, type, and prices. photo by Eriberto Oriol

First Love on eBay ForbiddenArtLA eBay store, FIRST set of prints go up on eBay June 2, 2022 @ 8 p.m. PDT will be the “First Love” prints.  

Graffiti TEST prints go up on eBay June 9, 2022. 

Music Artists groups TEST prints will go up on eBay June 16, 2022.

On eBay ForbiddenArtLA’s store.


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