Eriberto Oriol’s Work

Eriberto Oriol’s work has been described as “Moments of Frozen Reality of the Street of Los Angeles.”

Thank you for your interest in photographer Eriberto Oriol ‘s work.

Eriberto’s work has gain youth and world recognition with a list of international publications like Taschen, Rime, Dime, California Fresh …
Visit his BLOG  for a more detailed list ABOUT/MEDIA and hear the STORIES about the artist and his work on videos listed.

One of Eriberto’s photo AMW was selected along with photos of Rodi King beating, Robert Kennedy assassination  and others pics to be part of the history of the city of Los Angeles through photos  see Taschen’s books on – line: taschen.com.  Eriberto’s photo on page on page: 536.

Eriberto Oriol’s work part of history books on the City of Los Angeles


“America’s Most Wanted” photo becomes part of HISTORY

You are in good company as an art collector of Eriberto’s work;  His work has been collected by significant investors and we will send with additional information on your inquiry..

Most of Eriberto’s older work is in film although now most of it is digital.  All of the prints come in Archival paper with a personal note from Eriberto for authentication and signature from photo lab.  Sizes available upon request and needs.
Prices are at Art Investor Level and and list of other investors is available upon request.  Let us know what size fits your needs  e-mail @ ArtInDemandNow@yahoo.com   and we will send additional information with your inquiry.

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