What makes a GREAT ART investment?

Do you know how to pick them???   Do you feel lucky? 

Or is it an educated risk?

In an industry where someone like Eli Brody can buy a photo for $250.00, FOUR years later it is worth 4 million dollars, the question is???  What makes a GREAT investment? Hm…. 


Here is something to consider: ART Work that is “Thought Provoking?”

Few people would think of Picasso and not think of “Guernica” and as you might imagine, Goya’s work made a lot of Spanish people very angry to hear of such incidents, and Goya’s painting helped fuel that anger even further rallying more people to fight back the French…

TODAY few serious ART investors would pass the opportunity to own a Goya or Picasso’.



Eriberto Oriol’s contemporary paintings and photos are on his views of the political and economic climate that surrounds him.  Most of Eriberto’s work is not decorative and is not “Poppy Art.” Some have described Eriberto as legendary for his work has been described as Moments of “Frozen Reality” of the Streets of Los Angeles photo work, COME and check it out.

  A surprise awaits those who thought they knew Eriberto’s work very well…. to be continued when he introduces his paintings and drawings..yes!!!.


If you are a “SERIOUS ART INVESTOR” looking for work that is “Thought Provoking” see us at Plaza de la Raza this Saturday, September 1st,

Ask for Angelica Oriol in sales.

For more details, visit us at:  https://eribertooriol.wordpress.com/ or write to:  angelicaartx@yahoo.com.

Here is some “Thought Provoking Art”




Site:  ForbiddenArtLA.com:  http://forbiddenartla.com/
BLOG:  https://eribertooriol.wordpress.com/  Art Investmements


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""Partners in Life" ... artwork by, Eriberto Oriol LA ""Iconic Black Panther" ... exhibit in Chinatown LA: with Ben Caldwell: foto by, Eriberto Oriol LA#blacklifesmatter ""Iconic Black Panther" ... exhibit in Chinatown LA: with Ben Caldwell, Melina Abdullah, Henry "Hank" Jones, Mat Gleason: foto by, Eriberto Oriol LA. #blacklifematters """Iconic Black Panther" ... exhibit in Chinatown LA: with Melanie Abdullah, Henry "Hank" Jones, Mat Gleason: foto by, Eriberto Oriol LA

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